HCG and Teamwork to Meet Your Goal

Almost everyone can testify with struggling with their weight at one point or another. But some of us have struggled more than others and have extenuating circumstances that prevent us from following certain exercise regimes. Sometimes losing the extra weight that you’ve carried around for years becomes a matter of survival, not just aesthetics. When we finally decide to do something intense to get results so we can get on with our lives many people consider HCG, hormone therapy, treatments.

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin is a naturally occurring human hormone produced by women during pregnancy. It’s nutritional role in pregnancy is to ensure that the growing fetus receives nutrients from the mother by stimulating the hypothalamus that release stores of fat into the bloodstream. When HCG is used for weight loss this same effect takes place and when used in combination of a 500 calorie diet a person can lose a significant amount of weight but not feel hungry because nutrients are being delivered from fat stores. The daily allotment of 500 calories phase of the diet lasts only 2 weeks so having an end in sight to this new regime makes it more manageable. After that a limited diet is recommended and it is suggested you visit a dietician to help you plan a healthy balanced diet. If a person goes back to eating how they previously ate, they will gain the weight back.

Here at San Angelo InShapeMD we are prepared to assist you in your commitment weight loss and use only the purest sources for our HCG. We take your health and long term success seriously and  provide a full support system including a personal coach, a wellness coach and we insist on a visit to your physician. Let us be part of your team to reach your goal of weight loss and a healthy maintenance of your target weight.



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