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Ready to Embrace a Healthier You?


Explore the benefits of semaglutide, a highly sought-after GLP-1 medication known for its effectiveness in weight loss.


Tirzepatide, a sought-after medication combining GLP-1 and GIP benefits, is in high demand. Ensure timely access to your prescription.

Testosterone Therapy

Our Low T program is designed to help you feel as great as you can. Get tested for $99 to see if your levels qualify for our Low T therapy.

Rapid Weight Loss

Lose fat for good! Our Countdown program will truly transform your body in less than 40 days!

Lipo-C Injections

We currently offer 4 types of vitamin (fat burning) injections. All 4 injections increase energy, improve sleep patterns, and increase cellular metabolism.

Weight Loss Peptides

We are proud to provide customized plans and peptides to ensure a safe, fast, and effective way of reaching your weight loss goals.

Appetite Suppressants

We offer several prescription appetite suppressants. Our most popular one is Phentermine.

Lipo-B Injections

InShapeMD Lipo-B injections contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are injected into the body to encourage metabolism and reduce fat deposits.

B12 Methylcobalamin Injections

The most common forms of vitamin B12 that you’re likely to come across are methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin.