Testosterone (TRT) Therapy

Low T Program for San Angelo, TX and Tom Green County, TX

Signs of Low-T

  1. Low Libido
  2. Lack of Energy
  3. Change in Body Composition
  4. Weight Gain
  5. Loss in Muscle Mass
  6. Anxiety and Depression  

At InShapeMD, located in Tom Green County,TX, our goal is to make you look and feel as great as you can with the help of testosterone replacement therapy. We are located in San Angelo, TX and serve the surrounding areas.

Many men, as they age, begin to notice a drop in their testosterone levels. This can cause a variety of symptoms that may be discouraging at first. But with the help of our skilled team and our low T program, we can help you feel like your young self again. 

Get your Low T tested for just $99 with next day results.

If your test indicates that your current symptoms are associated with your low testosterone levels, we can get you started on a low T program that will help raise your testosterone levels.

What Is a Low T Program?

Our program will focus on increasing your testosterone through weekly intramuscular injections of testosterone combined with exercise, healthy sleep habits, and intuitive eating. 

We offer comprehensive services and stellar customer service that you can count on.  To learn more about our services and our low T program, call us at (325) 227-4981.

Get your levels tested for only $99 with next day results

Some of the main benefits of InShapeMD Testosterone include:

What is included in the program?


Testosterone Application Method Used at InShapeMD

After careful analysis of all the available application methods, InShapeMD San Angelo utilizes the injection method. For a listing of the Pros and Cons of the different methods, click here. Weekly injections provide a sustained release of testosterone into the bloodstream, and helps avoid extreme fluctuations in testosterone levels between treatments. Another advantage is that the weekly process provides convenient, consistent communication and monitoring with the staff. So if, for example, dosage adjustments are needed, they can be implemented swiftly and seamlessly into the treatment schedule, ensuring that you achieve optimal testosterone concentrations. 

Restore Your Vitality with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in Texas

Are you experiencing a decline in energy, decreased muscle mass, or a dip in libido? These could be signs of low testosterone. If you live in Texas and suspect you might have low testosterone, InShapeMD can help.

We offer comprehensive hormone therapy, including testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), to help men regain their vitality and overall well-being.

Testosterone is a vital hormone responsible for regulating male sexual function, muscle mass, and energy levels. As men age, testosterone production naturally declines. This can trigger a variety of symptoms that affect both your physical and emotional health.

InShapeMD’s TRT program in San Angelo, TX, provides a safe and effective way to restore healthy testosterone levels.

Our personalized approach involves:

  • Initial Consultation:A healthcare professional will discuss your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle to determine if TRT is right for you.
  • Lab Testing:We’ll perform a comprehensive blood test to measure your testosterone levels.
  • Customized Treatment Plan:Based on your test results and individual needs, we’ll develop a personalized testosterone replacement therapy plan that may include injections, gels, or patches.
  • Ongoing Monitoring:We’ll closely monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal results.

Contact InShapeMD today to schedule a hormone therapy consultation today.