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Every year, the state of Texas ranks somewhere between 35 and 40 percent in terms of adult obesity. Things can’t get a whole lot worse if these numbers—at 35.5% in 2023—by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are anything to go by.

Being overweight and obese isn’t in anyone’s best interest. This can lead to several chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even increase your risk of strokes.

These issues are further compounded by the difficulties people face when trying to access FDA-approved weight loss pills. Most, perhaps all, of these medicines are prescription drugs, making the idea of DIY-ing weight loss an uphill battle for those who have had limited success with reduced-calorie diets and exercise.

InShapeMD’s telemedicine weight loss services are invaluable in shifting the responsibility from you, the patient, to us, the service provider. This ensures seamless access to your weight loss prescriptions, lipotropic injections, personalized meal plans, and every other element of your chosen weight loss program. 

Difference Between Temporary and Permanent Weight Loss

Choosing to join a weight loss program rather than opting for a DIY approach stems from the recognition that the typical cycle of losing weight, quitting a diet, regaining weight, and repeating the process is often perpetuated by:

  • Fad diets
  • Brief and strenuous exercise regimens
  • So-called miracle diet products


Our emphasis is on tailoring the plan to an individual’s unique lifestyle and goals. This means that your weight loss journey, including dietary choices, beverage consumption, and weight loss prescription dosage, is customized for you.

By addressing individual factors, our weight loss programs offer a more sustainable and successful path to achieving a healthy BMI and maintaining it in the short and long run. 

Join a Program: Get Your Online Weight Loss Prescription Today

Now, you can book a telemedicine service with InShapeMD by heading over to Book Your Appointment. Once there, you will be asked to select the program you want to join.

Here is a brief overview of these programs and the medication they feature.

  • Semaglutide Program: You will have access to the compounded version of Wegovy® and Ozempic® (Semaglutide) by joining this program. While Wegovy is FDA-approved for weight loss, Ozempic is only approved for treating type 2 diabetes. However, most healthcare professionals widely recommend the latter for weight management purposes.
  • Tirzepatide Program: Tirzepatide is like Mounjaro® and Zepbound® but it is a GLP1 and GIP agonist. It attaches to two receptors responsible for tricking your brain into thinking you’re full. Like the semaglutide, it is also capable of treating type 2 diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity.
  • Rapid Weight Loss Program: This program features Pregnyl®, a weight loss injection that optimizes your metabolic functions, forcing your body to tap into its stored fat reserves to produce energy.
  • Phentermine Program: Phentermine is an appetite suppressant prescribed for short-term use. When compounded with Topamax and taken with a balanced diet and exercise, it can help you lose weight for longer than 12 weeks.  
  • Weight Loss Peptides: Book a 30-minute consultation to lose weight, reverse the signs of aging, and burn fat faster with synthetic peptides like Sermorelin, and Ipamorelin.  

Try Telemedicine for Weight Loss in TX

Explore the weight management services provided by the team of healthcare professionals at InShapeMD. Book a telemedicine weight loss appointment to go over your struggles with weight loss. Find your solution and begin your transformation from the comfort of your home.  

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