Ineffective with Bad Side Effects; Why We Don’t Use Cheap Copycat Semaglutide

Ineffective with Bad Side Effects; Why We Don’t Use Cheap Copycat Semaglutide

Here at InShapeMD San Angelo, we are always looking to ensure the solutions we are offering our patients are going to actually work and be in their best interest.  A huge part of that is making sure the products we provide are the best, have been tested, and come from a reputable source.

With all of our customer’s success and the overwhelmingly positive feedback they have given us, we know that Semaglutide is a winning breakthrough for weight loss.  However, as these things go, dupes and just plain diluted and weak copycats are emerging as a “cheaper” Semaglutide option.  That is why we took it upon ourselves to personally try 15 formulas from 15 different compound pharmacies, experiencing the effects of their Semaglutide formulas firsthand. The truth is not all Semaglutide is created equal. While some options may appear cheaper, the lack of results and side effects quickly make it apparent that there is a quality compromise. We found that they were ineffective and not only failed to deliver the desired results but had horrible side effects.

The InShapeMD San Angelo Difference

Our commitment to providing the best Semaglutide is evident in our careful quality checks. And we have the proof to back it up – we exclusively opt for formulas with a Certificate of Analysis, proudly displaying the results of thorough purity testing. This shows how top notch and dependable our product truly is. Our Semaglutide remains effective for a year, exceeding the industry standard average of just 45 days, ensuring that our customers receive a product that stays effective over an extended period.


One key aspect that sets InShapeMD San Angelo’s Semaglutide apart is that we exclusively use its pure base form. Some competitors may compromise quality by using salt formulas like Semaglutide sodium and Semaglutide acetate,

which are different active ingredients than the FDA approved drugs containing the base form of Semaglutide. These salt formulas introduce additional compounds that impact purity, consistency, and therapeutic effects. Opting for the pure base form ensures precise delivery, minimizes the risk of unintended side effects, and provides reliability and predictability in therapeutic outcomes for better patient results.  The FDA has raised concerns about using salt formulas in compounding, emphasizing the importance of sticking to the pure base Semaglutide for safety and efficacy.

No Cyanocobalamin B12 in Our Semaglutide

Unlike some Semaglutide options on the market, our product stands out by excluding cyanocobalamin B12 from its composition. But why, you may wonder. Well, Cyanocobalamin B12, although a common form of vitamin B12, is not absorbed by the body as efficiently as other forms, such as methylcobalamin. By omitting cyanocobalamin B12 from our for

mula, we ensure that our Semaglutide is not only of the highest pharmaceutical grade but also optimally absorbed and utilized by the body.

We’re all about making sure our customers receive the best and purest pharmaceutical grade product, delivering a top notch product that meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. 


At InShapeMD San Angelo, we believe that investing in your health is a decision that pays off in the long run. Our premium Semaglutide, backed by rigorous testing and quality assurance, shows our commitment to delivering effective and safe weight loss solutions that our customers can trust.


You can learn more about our products by visiting our website or calling our office at 325-227-4981.


Remember, when it comes to Semaglutide, quality matters – because your health is totally worth it!


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