Testosterone Therapy: Andy’s Story

Meet Andy: a 45 year old, married father of two who runs a web design and social media marketing company. Andy is also our social media manager for InShapeMD – San Angelo and Any Lab Test Now (San Angelo, TX) so he comes in to visit us from time to time.

On one such occasion, both he and his wife came in to visit and get a B12 injection when his wife inquired about what all was involved in the testosterone therapy . After we explained how the program worked and the many benefits associated with it, she immediately informed Andy that he would “get†to partake in the program. Actually, it didn’t take much convincing at all, and after a blood draw, he was well on his way to more energy, endurance and stamina.

Over the next several weeks and months, Andy will be checking in with his story and progress. But like any good story, there’s always a beginning. So here’s his story in his own words…

It all really started out as a joke….

My wife had an off day and since I had to go in to InshapeMD to visit with Jana about her website and social media needs, I figured it would be a good time for the two of us to get a couple of B12 shots as well for a little extra energy for the week. As Jana and I were discussing business, the subject of testosterone therapy came up and that peaked my wife’s curiosity. After Jana explained how it worked and what some of the benefits (an increased and enhanced “drive†being one of them) were, my wife immediately said “sign him upâ€. I suppose the decision was made for me, but in all honesty, it was something I was considering for awhile. I had noticed I was getting tired early in the evening which often left my significant other a little disenfranchised from time to time. I was starting to feel my age and I really didn’t like it too much. I love having the mind of a 45 year old, but having the drive and intensity of a 23 year old was equally appealing. Needless to say, it didn’t take too much convincing to get on board with the program.
It all begins with a simple blood draw to test your testosterone levels. After a few days, the results were in and my levels were low…almost 500 points low from the average for a man of my age. So, after one more blood test, I was well on my way.

After about 2 weeks, I met with the nurse practitioner at InShapeMD – San Angelo and we went over the therapy process. Seemed simple enough: one injection per week that I could either give myself or have the staff give me (I chose the latter). She told me that after about 6-8 weeks, I should start feeling better and have increased energy. It only took 3!

Yes, after 3 weeks, I started feeling the benefits and with each passing week, I’m feeling more like my old self again. And my wife certainly has no complaints either. I’m entering week #5 which means it’s time for another blood test to determine if my levels are where they should be. More on that later.
Guys: if you’d like to get your “drive†back, then I encourage you to read more about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and what it could possibly do for you and your health. Visit their website at and see what I’m talking about.
In the meantime, I’ll continue to report my progress here so be on the lookout for my next blog entry.


Part Two:

Have you ever been trying hard for results and then one day, it hits you: SUCCESS! Athletes know this feeling of accomplishment all the time. But for the “average Andyâ€, such as myself, the realization that the desired results from my current testosterone therapy became apparent to me on the 7th hole of the Sterling Country Club in Houston, Texas… I had always thought of myself as a focused individual. I would look at the task at hand and get it done. But focus comes in many forms…even on a golf course. When I began my testosterone therapy with InShapeMD – San Angelo 8 weeks ago, I was told that my focus would sharpen. My memory would be sharper as well. Yes, I’ll admit, there were days where I could barely remember 10 minutes ago, but again, I always thought my focus to be clear.

But it was on the 7th hole while playing golf that it became clear that my increased testosterone was a perk. I’m no Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer, but that (and several rounds since) I was striking the ball with not only great distance, but amazing accuracy. From pulling back the club to swing to following through, I was landing the ball on EVERY Par 3 hole from my drive. Not just once or twice, but all four holes.

I had never done that in my life as a golfer. I also went on that day to shoot the best score I’ve ever had on 18 holes. I’m not saying testosterone therapy will improve your golf game. But, it could possibly improve other aspects of your life you may not have thought about: weight, sex drive, energy or even better sleep.

To learn more, contact us to find out if testosterone therapy is right for you. Getting started is quick and easy. Or, just walk in to their clinic at 3270 Sherwood Way (inside Any Lab Test Now (San Angelo, TX)) in The Commons Shopping Center.


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