Get control of your binge eating

“If my wife made a pan of rice krispie treats – I would sit and eat the entire pan” said David, one of our satisfied HCG clients.

I thought of what he told me this morning while watching a commercial for an organization that helps people with binge eating. David lost over 25 pounds in three weeks and just as importantly, got his dangerously high blood pressure back under control. One of the many good things about our HCG program is that you relearn “how to eat”. That sounds a bit silly I know. We all “know” how to eat but our concept of portion size is so far removed from good sense that we are killing ourselves one heaping plateful at a time.

Going through the program enabled David to relearn his attitude towards food and realize that his eating was out of control. He would binge on unhealthy food and it was having a very negative impact on his life, his self image, his emotional and mental state and his health. One of the key benefits of going through our HCG program is learning portion control AND eating healthy “normal” food that you buy at your local market. We don’t sell pre-packeged food that comes in cardboard boxes.

We teach you how to take control of you food, change your like and become a more healthy, better version of you.

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